Opening Night World Première Screens with Precious Metal

With a vitality and commitment so urgent for our national cinema, Soweto, Time of Wrath shows us our fractured, defiant reflection that once seen, cannot be unseen. Here is a film that demands that we, the sleeping, wake up and attend to the restless, those excluded from the so-called South African Dream. “What am I in South Africa? I have voted!”, shouts an illegal miner as police fire warning shots. Captured by a sextet of young Sowetans, these snapshots present a country whose people are angry, wearied by corruption so endemic they are blind to it. But there are those activists, young and old, that challenge social and administration ills, that urge still frustrated residents to ‘Love one another’ while waiting for long-promised housing.

Courtesy of JBA Productions   

Cape Town:

Thu 2 8pm Invite Only CN4 V&A 
Mon 6 6.30pm Q&A CN4 V&A
 Wed 8 8.30pm Labia2


Fri 3 8.45pm Q&A Bio