Screens with Pink Boy

In 2014, the Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper published the personal information of 200 LGBTI people in Uganda. Cleopatra Kambugu’s name appeared on that list. This tender film tells the story of Cleo’s subsequent decision to leave Uganda with her husband, Nelson Kasaija, to undergo gender-reassignment surgery in Thailand. Rather than methodically elaborate the context of Cleo’s decision, or the basis of Uganda’s virulent anti-LGBTI politics, Swedish director von Wallström quietly observes the couple as they head off, by rail and air, to a new life. His camera records the obvious intimacy that bonds Cleo and Nelson, revelling both in Cleo’s loquaciousness and Nelson’s steadfast, if largely silent presence. This is a quiet and expansive portrait of two remarkable people.

Courtesy of the Director

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