World Première

Accustomed as we are here, to brutal acts of violence and where rape is commonplace, the horrific rape and attempted murder of Alison Botha in December 1994 shocked the nation. This film recounts the events of the 90 minutes that changed her forever, her hard won physical recovery and the emotional and psychological healing which she has sought through writing and speaking about her experience. Re-imagining her life as a fairy tale, beginning with what she believes to be a miracle, this is a story of extraordinary courage. We meet those who saved her life, pursued justice on her behalf, and the writer who helped her put it all down – all still touched by the ruin wreaked upon her, and her extraordinary rebirth.

Courtesy of the Director

Cape Town:

Fri 3 6.45pm Q&A CN4 V&A 
Sun 12 5.30pm CN4 V&A 
Tues 7 8.30pm Q&A Labia


Fri 3 7pm CN1 Rosebank